Garden gnome

garden gnome

Garden gnome
garden gnome at work.
Image by Harm Wimmenhove

@ItsGabbyMarie who was cheating on the chocolate alpaca with the Garden gnome who lived in Italy with a croissant. - by MidnightDreams_ (Mahrukh Siddiqui)

Rubadubdub three Nuns in a tub and they're doing it with a garden gnome *sings* - by sexualsebby (Sebastian Michaelis)

I would retaliate against your snotty remarks, but because you resemble a garden gnome, I'd say the jokes on you. - by KaeCeeTayler12 (KaeCee Schwartzkopf)

#LateNightThoughts well that's more of a confession but every time I see a garden gnome, I feel the need to kick it. - by NellyyNellyz (Nelly Nellys)

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