Green 3D Scalloped Flower Hair Clip

flower hair clip

Green 3D Scalloped Flower Hair Clip
The flower on the hair clip is crocheted from green plastic bag.

The pattern is available on my blog:
Image by moiracrochetsplarn

(Magenta) Baby/ Toddler /Girl Rabbit / Bunny Shaped with Tiny Flower Hair Clip (4096-1): - by darreedsor (darreedsor)

Fabric Flower Hair Clip Brooch Grey by Sweetlittleblossoms via @Etsy - by Littleblossoms0 (Tina)

DCNL Flower Claw Clip: A DCNL Flower Claw Clip is fashionable and holds hair securely in place. - by xnz1 (ADOJ)

Jesse James NEW Yellow Daisy Hair Flower Clip, Limited.: Yellow Daisy Hair Flower Clip - 2.5 inch Diameter Allig... - by Lanen15 (Lane Luczynski)

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