Make your own HIJAB flower headband/underscarf

Make your own HIJAB flower headband/underscarf

Join me on FACEBOOK- Make your own headband.. Can be used to accessorise your hijabs. You can use any colour of your choice and add or take away flowers.

Make your own HIJAB flower headband/underscarf

When my history teacher puts a flower head band on and pretends to be a flower child/hippie. #MrSullivan #freak #rebellian - by natalielisaa (Natalie DeAmelio)

Yesterday had my little Easter thing going on pastel colors and flower head band - by lovemeMILA (Shamila Tillett)

Omg I love this flower band on my head!  - by yyantyy (YantyShaf♥)

so i Take it all babies wore those flower crochet like head band wrap thingy...i Sure hope my sister throw Holly's away. So hoodrat-ish lol - by Hyky__ (HJC)

Damn Nyla's flower on her head band today might be bigger den her head lol oh well I love the big ones!! - by FINEas_REDDwine (AuStRaLiA)

25 Responses to Make your own HIJAB flower headband/underscarf

  1. drisshafsa24

    i love it can you make more plz sister

  2. loreynisima

    you are beatiful .. and your flowers are beatifuls.. tanks for you video es very pretty… bello , lindo y facil… saludos de mexico

  3. saydabelkefi

    salut j ai beaucup aime pouvez vous me mettre une video comment coudre un bonnet de hijeb etape par etape pour debutante et merci d avance

  4. bettyboo2u

    excellent tutorial.

  5. tulipsun21

    thank you

  6. brownpearl85


  7. luvmeimadorable

    ADORABLE ;)!!!!!!

  8. CreatedByAgnes

    so nice flowers I love it!!! :) THANK YOU XXX :)

  9. klaritydawn

    Okay I Sooo love this and it truly is easy!! What a beautiful flower/headband!! I can’t wait to try this! Just very beautiful!
    Thank you so, so much!! Lovely!

  10. momo20042012

    Wow, that’s a great idea. mashaAllah you’re creative. At least it’s so simple in spite of this it’s so pretty. I want to make this headband with whtie flower for my wedding-hijab inshaAllah :-)

  11. 79lapeke

    LOVE IT!!!.. :)

  12. kandie731

    Very nice!! Will be trying this…thnx for sharing

  13. browneyes124337

    Nice, but aside from your video point you look kinda like lady Gaga. ^_-

  14. mandopianoify


  15. MrJaysonrana

    like it

  16. vkkata

    i will try to make one , hugs from hungary: kata

  17. Naimahveiled

    mash’Allah dis look so kute!

  18. starfishxxful

    thats so cool

  19. Chinyce123

    I made it but I love yours better

  20. kibummie1910

    nice…i made my own headbands too, and design my own ribbons and hijab~

  21. mstevens7NR

    Lovely tutorial. I also love your beautiful, gentle voice. I plan to make these as gifts. Thank you, and I look forward to your videos.

  22. snoopy1506

    i would really like to make one of these but im not very good at sewing and i have no idea what a runner stitch is…



  24. sierraskye1000

    Loved your design and video…just what I was looking for! Thank you,

  25. sayence14

    Your amazing .

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