Q&A: Do I need to send a floral arrangement to a funeral?

floral arrangement

Do I need to send a floral arrangement to a funeral?
I'll be traveling out of state to a funeral. My sister-in-laws step-dad passed away. Then I plan to stay at a hotel. I am donating money to a charity as a memorial in his name. With the cost of gas and the hotel expense, plus meals, I am spreading myself thin. Out of respect I want to attend the funeral since he attended both of my folks funerals. Would it look bad if I did not send a floral arrangement. I don't want to appear cheap either. Thank you.

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Answer by Rich M
Donating to the charity is a very nice gesture. You do not need to send a floral arrangement as well.

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4 Responses to Q&A: Do I need to send a floral arrangement to a funeral?

  1. tj

    Your people will understand your expenditures so don’t worry about a floral arrangement.
    Your charitable donation in his name is the appropriate gesture in this case.

  2. Jackson

    No. A card would be just fine.

  3. Phyl Mar

    Certainly not. I’m a senior citizen, been to many funerals, and never sent a floral arrangement. To me they’re a waste of money. In fact, many people specifically ask that people not do so. My mother always sent flowers but never went to the funerals. I never sent flowers and always attended the funerals; that’s what people appreciate more.

  4. Marysia

    why would you think you NEED to send flowers….. you are donating to the memorial which is lovely AND what most will ask for in lieu of flowers! i think it’s wonderful that you are attending and would let your sister in law know that if there is anything you can do you are willing. often she will be wrapped up with the whole of the activities (as you would know from your folks – sorry about that btw) and an extra body that is somewhat removed from the immediate family (i hope you know what i mean by that) is often very helpful. sometimes there are things at the funeral home that need to be picked up or cleaned up or whatnot or after at the hall or even at the family home – if they are having people gather there after – someone to run home and get things going….. i sure hope that makes sense.

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