Q&A: How can I help my kids make a fairy garden?

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How can I help my kids make a fairy garden?
We are looking for ideas of how to decorate the area we chose for our fairy garden. I would like to keep it fairly simple as the children are young.

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Answer by Kimberly C
I am a landscaper and designer. This is a wonderful idea of making a specific theme garden for your children. I will link you to the learning center of my website. This section has pages on different ideas for doing gardens and other projects with children.

Your children are young, so think in terms of shapes and colors. Have them pick out there favorite shape and color. Talk about doing flowers, or vegetables or even herbs. Let them pick out the plant or plants they want to use. One of the goals of doing a garden with children, is a hands on approach. Children love playing in the dirt, so allow them to help prepare the soil, and also let them plant the garden. Talk to them about how they need water to survive, and so do plants. I would be happy to help you with your children's garden if you need more suggestions. Browse through the learning center section and see if you can find some ideas that would help you. Good luck to you and I hope you enjoy this project with your children. Have a great day!


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    I like Kim’s answer, but how about keeping one area for ‘secret treasures’? I used to hide my junk jewelry in the backyard and have my grandkids find them. It was fun.

  2. Eddie Mix

    try this site for some good gardening tips

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