Q&A: How do you make a flower hair clip?

flower hair clip

How do you make a flower hair clip?
Does anyone know how I'd go about making a flower hair clip like this?


Or you can post links to pics of something similar with a few basic instructions. I want a flower in my hair for my wedding next month.

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Answer by Heather Green
Hi i used to make flower hair clips and sell them on ebay all the time. you need some clips, artificial flower of you choice (you can find these in a lot of places) an artificial leaf and a glue gun. first glue the leaf onto the clip (this gives you something to glue the flower onto properly) then just glue the flower onto the leaf and ad crystals, sprigs of foliage, feathers or whatever you fancy. hope this helps or if you want i mite be able to do 1 for you on ebay!

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