Q&A: Silk Flowers?

silk flowers

Silk Flowers?
Besides that spray that you get from the craft store, how can you clean your dusty silk flowers??

Best answer:

Answer by KK13
The best way is to use a blow dryer on high but low heat and aim at the flowers you are trying to clean. Also you can use a damp cloth, but the blow dryer works best. Hope this helps.

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3 Responses to Q&A: Silk Flowers?

  1. Suzie

    pluck one tiny flower off the vine and then wash it in your soapy dishwater if it fades or bleeds blow the rest dry. if it doesn’t… wash them in cool dish soap!

  2. Deb

    I have washed mine with dish soap (or any mild soap)

  3. Michele M

    I have put mine in the dishwasher on the pre rinse cycle. It worked for me.

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