Ripple the Water Spirit

When Moonlight ceased, Summer-Wind laid down her rose-leaf fan, and, leaning back in her acorn cup, told this tale of Ripple, the water-spirit. Down in the deep blue sea lived Ripple, a happy little Water-Spirit; all day long she danced   ... Read more

The Frost King: or the Power of Love

With a gay smile, "Sunny Lock" began her story. "As I was painting the bright petals of a blue bell, it told me this tale." Three little Fairies sat in the fields eating their breakfast; each among the leaves of   ... Read more

Little Bud

"Have you a tale for us too, dear Violet-Eye?" said the Queen, as Zephyr ceased. The little Elf thus named looked from among the flower-leaves where she sat, and with a smile replied, "As I was weaving garlands in the   ... Read more

Lily-Bell and Thistledown

"You shall come next, Zephyr." And the little Fairy, who lay rocking to and fro upon a fluttering vine-leaf, thus began her story:-- "As I lay resting in the bosom of a cowslip that bent above the brook, a little   ... Read more

The Flower’s Lesson

"Now, Star-Twinkle, what have you to teach?" asked the Queen. "Nothing but a little song I heard the hare-bells singing," replied the Fairy, and, taking her harp, sang, in a low, sweet voice:-- There grew a fragrant rose-tree where the   ... Read more

Eva’s Visit to Fairy-Land

As Sunny Lock ceased, another little Elf came forward; and this was the tale "Silver Wing" told. Down among the grass and fragrant clover lay little Eva by the brook-side, watching the bright waves, as they went singing by under   ... Read more

Little Annie’s Dream or the Fairy Flower

"Now," said the Queen, "call hither Moon-light and Summer-Wind, for they have seen many pleasant things in their long wanderings, and will gladly tell us them." "Most joyfully will we do our best, dear Queen," said the Elves, as they   ... Read more

Fairy Song

The Elves gathered about their Queen, and while the rustling leaves were still, and the flowers' sweet voices mingled with their own, they sang this fairy song: The moonlight fades from flower and tree, And the stars dim one by   ... Read more

Fairy Ring

If you see a fairy ring In a field of grass ...  ... Read more


"Now, little Sunbeam, what have you to tell us?" said the Queen, looking down on a bright-eyed Elf, who sat half hidden in the deep moss at her feet. "I too, like Star-Twinkle, have nothing but a song to offer,"   ... Read more

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