Whimsy and offset rhymes….comments/critique/Coffee is ready….?

fairy wind chimes

Whimsy and offset rhymes....comments/critique/Coffee is ready....?
She Is Who She Was Being Who She Is

Something is on my mind.
Some things, are on...

I watched her weave an intricate stairway
in the place in front

of her face, her hands
nimbly stacking, reacting, tracking
the walkway, she wanted

quiet, yet the metallic whimsy shone
through her imagination,
silver slivers sliding down

wrought rails guarding staccato
moments. She is weaving passions;
her fingers gently flying, untying, plying

past notions, taught emotions, cornering
devotions of loved

ones, twos, threes, each time sent
away with a flick, like little fairy
bells tinkling under the

heavy tones of wind chimes
beat the air, scathing, lathing
the cut crystal path

way into the night, frosted clouds
only require one step,
two faiths, and three
minutes into

the journey, I realized

who she

She was who?

Best answer:

Answer by neonman
A spider is my guess.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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8 Responses to Whimsy and offset rhymes….comments/critique/Coffee is ready….?

  1. bobby's girl

    I go with Neon’s answer, but this is a kewl write, Mizzy!

    Or Baby Blues? Sounds like her, too… (She’s resting a bit. sending good thought waves…)

  2. Danny R

    I think that Neon may be right
    in capturing your arachnid’s flight.

  3. x-Semp-lary

    She’s very interesting. Is she you?

  4. Lorra

    My first guess is you

    but a spider she could be…

    this is an excellent write and a pleasure to read :)

  5. lovechild

    She always will be she who is.
    I felt some kind of spellcraft, a blessing, a gift as I read, reread this verse, and I cannot explain how this has affected me any better than that.
    she is the watcher and the guidelight, the keeper of the innocent, the joy found in weather and water and the symmetry of uncommon things is her forte.

  6. Thingum Bob, Esq.

    Oh man. I would guess spider if you said ‘her face, her hands, her compound eyes. But…….very well written.

  7. Ronnie™ ®

    the Black Widow, if a spider she is

  8. Farmer

    her own lover.

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